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Blame Twitter! May 13, 2011

Posted by Shion in Unknown..s.

I’m not writing much nowadays and it’s all Twitter’s fault!

Also games, if you wanna count it as ‘every-moment-spent-not-thinking-about-writing-posts’.

Also food and life and stuff, but I don’t think about life anyways.


Farewell and Adieu. October 2, 2010

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Today is a sad day.

So sad, I wrote a post on it. Warning, text.

Nope, nobody died (per se)

….it’s a big cat. July 27, 2010

Posted by Shion in Border Break, Gee-mu, Gunplamo, Kotobukiya, Review.

Red vs. Blue fans would know this.

This was the beginning....of something (?)


More low quality, high-res pics, courtesy of my phonecam

Vacations are vacant. June 17, 2010

Posted by Shion in Unknown..s.

Yes. I don’t blog as often as I usually do anymore. Probably because I’m on vacation. Which is another term for “Vacant”, which, in turn, means empty.

So I’m on Empty. At home, I do the usual things, like reading, chattan, mess around with my plamo. Yep. They’re so interesting, I don’t write about them here.

Maybe when Uni’s back on. Which is one month from now. Coincidentally, the 1/144 RG release is also a month from now!