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Counted… January 13, 2009

Posted by Shion in Uncategorized.

Narato-sama:The last time we left our brave candidates, they were in a room undergoing rigorous questioning by the dreadful Editor, Mr.A…

Mr.A: That concludes the question phase of the interview…

#4: [sucks on thumb, mumbling in sleep] I don wanna…..Ok…[snort][snoore]

#5: [huffing madly] R u crzy!!! that wuz da 1st phse!!

#17: [sits slack jawed, panda-eyed] huh…s’it over…[slurring]

Mr.A:For the next phase, we will take you to a Luxury Beach Resort located in [Beep]..all expenses paid..Bear in mind that all your movements there will be recorded for judging purposes..

#4: [springs upright] Freee vaycayshen!!!!

#5: Wooohoo!!!!!!!

#17: Thank the heavens…

Narato-sama: What will our brave applicants face in the Luxury Resort of Doom!!! stay tuned..


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