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So… April 8, 2009

Posted by Shion in Life(Real).

…I’m stuck. First post after deciding, I’m stuck. I simply got nothing to write about. If one stays at home, and does not go anywhere, do any thing happen to them? Yes. Some thing called “Nothing”.

“Nothing” has vastly different meanings, depending on the type of person. Age, occupation, hobby, location, mindset. For me “Nothing” is I wake up in the morning(10am to 11am, sometimes 1pm), check my pc, then about an hour later, eat breakfast. After that would be the inny-net, until its about 12pm to 3am, depending on my eyes. After that is bed. Then the cycle would start again next morning. Bath and meals is put somewhere in-between breakfast and dinner. And music(j-pop, j-rock on mah laptop) while in the net.

Simply put, BORING. That’s why I surf(like spiderman does) and visit other blogs. To prevent my sanity from degrading. Well worse than it already is.

Listening to: Horie Yui – Vanilla Salt (off vocal ver.)
via FoxyTunes


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