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I edited and still… April 19, 2009

Posted by Shion in Gunplamo, Life(Real).
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…want it so, but sadly, haven’t gotten it yet. So I only have these to drool over. NEARLY bought it, but then looked at the price tag and my brain died.It was nearly 20% more. RM70 to RM99.90 in one shop?


All images courtesy of 1999.co.jp/eng. Better put that in before I get sued.

Kindly click on the images below to see the larger counterparts. Alternatively, click on the this album link.

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1. pavoo - April 20, 2009

6 years ago, i bought the MRC – F20 Mobile Sumo Gundam Gold Type, looks cool tho, it takes 7 month to assembled….. haha what a reminiscence

2. pavoo - April 20, 2009

and thx for de cookie bro, i saved it in ma pc

and delete back later

3. Shion - April 20, 2009

7 months 0_0…

4. pavoo - April 20, 2009

lol i took A month to completed the left leg XD

5. Shion - April 21, 2009

Buy HG’s next, cheaper (around RM50) and can be assembled in (normallee) an hour or two.



6. pavoo - April 22, 2009

yeah, i know ur a High Grade fan

ma next target is to buy:

1) RMS-108 Marsai
2) RMS-141 Xekueins
3) NRX-044 Asshimer

i hope i can find these at Damansara

7. Shion - April 22, 2009

All HGUC kits. No 00 kits?

8. pavoo - April 22, 2009

the 00 kits i want

1) Over Flag or Union Flag Graham’s Custom
2) Aeu Enact

Shion - April 22, 2009

I already got Over Flag and Union Flag. Joints cepat haus. Dunno bout Enacts.

9. pavoo - April 22, 2009

o really? dammit i hate the thing dat haus fast

10. Shion - April 22, 2009

Jun/july thet’re gonna release Susanoo HG. But July so far away…

11. pavoo - April 22, 2009

lol i think its not dat far away la, jus wait…..sit back and hav a kitkat…

12. Shion - April 22, 2009

Well, I’ll be happy enough with the 00, that should do till july =)

13. pavoo - April 22, 2009

yeah, atleast u got some of the HGs to busy with….me dun hav 1 =(

14. Shion - April 22, 2009

Damansara…I haben’t veen there, so donno if there are any there.

But yeah, I have HG’s and you have PS. And we’re both bored.

15. pavoo - April 22, 2009

lol yeah so bored now…anyway Damansara got evrything ya know but i never check any HG’s at there lol

16. Shion - April 23, 2009

How can have everything but not HGs? (=_=)

KLCC has but is overpriced
Midvalley usually price lower than KLCC
Times Square/Low Yat/Sungei Wang depends on shop

17. pavoo - April 25, 2009

just now i went to damansara, there’s a kedai at the Curve sell this model 00 raiser 1, dunno what price

18. Shion - April 25, 2009

Useless la if dunno price. More useless if got no money.

19. Pavoo - April 26, 2009

Sry bro no time to check the price, i must gtg home fast at dat time……

Shion - April 26, 2009

Tkpela, I got the actual price oredy. Tell me next time you see it.

20. pavoo - April 26, 2009

ok bro

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