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White out May 6, 2009

Posted by Shion in Life(Real), My View On Stuff Today.

I’m burnt out. I’m currently losing faith in humanity. I’m currently very hungry for <insert word>. I’m currently writing a post for my blog in perfect English, aside from the fact that it’s all white. Not that I have a white superiority complex or anything, since the mere idea that some fool with lighter colored skin is superior is by itself, stupid.

Quote: “What’s happening, where am I, who am I, what do I mean by “who am I””, a certain whale in Science Fiction,

I’m currently confused, like the aforementioned whale. Why am I writing in perfect English? Honestly, I dun liek thos tht rite hole blg posts in crppy grammar, that’s why. Though I’d like to congratulate those that do for getting out of their way to show how dumb they are.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to commit suicide or anything, since If I did, I’ll turn around and kick my deceased-past’s-behind for dying before his time, and before marrying, and most importantly, before getting the zarking HG 00raiser. Yes. If I were to die an untimely death, I’d be upset for not being married. Zarking frood eh?

I’d also like to point out the fact that I was meaning to write how, in real life, I have few friends who remember me, partly because nobody likes me, but mostly because I’m not the sociable type of person. Crap. Crappy.  “not the sociable type”. I can’t even order fast food because the person behind the counter is classified (automatically I might add) as a stranger, and therefore difficult to talk to.

If anyone in school were to pay attention to me ,which is by itself impossible given the circumstances, they would see how I don’t like to converse with strangers.  Strangers meaning people who I haven’t met for more than, say, a day. That’s why I stay quite in the mornings, because the lesser society contacts me, the lesser I want to contact society. Cyclical logic at its best.

“Look at me” now my random thoughts beseech thou, “I art blogging ’bout crap, if at all can be called blogging”. Why do I even blog? People certainly don’t care hell about me. In a graph, I’m the point in the far right corner, in a pie chart, I’m the crumbs. Seriously, even at school, does anybody remember me? They all usually think along the lines of “lets all go do some fun stuff together”. Here all means total number of people there, minus one. Me. At least some people had the choice. I’m just removed from the equation.

“It’s an important and popular fact, that things are not always what they seem”

In my case, it is so because that nobody sees me, much less care. I’m always the kid smiling alone in the corner. Hell, even my juniors bully me. Everybody, including the juniors conform to a social code, that I, thankfully do not adhere to. If doing so means being a geek, so be it. Today’s social norms is honestly wrong. For instance, kindness, such as picking up something which fell, unknowingly by its owner who was carrying a heavy load or busy talking to his/her friends, can be wrongly perceived as “Oooh, picking up that girl’s handkerchief, you must really like her”. Two words:  Sod. Off.


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