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BOX! EDITTO^4 May 16, 2009

Posted by Shion in My View On Stuff Today, Site Stuff.

.net akshuali. lol lolspeak so fun, Iz doing it.

Back to the actual reason of this post, which is; none.

lol, so fun to say that. Nah, it’s just about the box. The one in the sidebar.

++EDITTO++ (why do I write this thing here anyways?)
Yui Horie’s – I my me, the song I most frequently listen to. Cos it’s fun, yet sad. To listen to it, nicely, click on the file, press play, then pause it, then wait for the bar to fill up a.k.a. wait for it to buffer it completely first. Then click play, for uninterrupted(hopefully) music.
AQUA TIMEZ!!!. Mah fave band. It’s Japanese ‘course. Niji -album ver.- is agood, long song. It’s 6 minutes long. Yeah.
Adding another song, if mail doesn’t screw up, tomorrow there’ll be another song. Keep in mind that I’m in the GMT+8 timezone, and where I am, is technically tomorrow, so there.

Allegro Cantabile Sound, by SUEMITSU & THE SUEMITH. The start’s a bit loud, lower the volume of your speaker if you have weak heart.

Listening to: Aqua Timez – Pivot
via FoxyTunes


1. pavoo - May 14, 2009

upload moar!

Shion - May 14, 2009

Trying to. It’s kinda slow…

Gunstray - May 14, 2009

2nd agree, good luck&^^

Shion - May 14, 2009

Ya, I’m gonna need lots of luck.

500hours++ to upload ONE song.

2. pavoo - May 14, 2009

no wonder you says 500hours++ to upload one song, cos the file is big O_O

Shion - May 14, 2009

Wha- 9mb for a song? not that big. It’s the usual for me. (=w=)

3. pavoo - May 14, 2009

buffering (-_-)

4. pavoo - May 14, 2009

convert 1st la to lower the file size…more faster uploading

Shion - May 15, 2009

faster upload, but low quality = not good.

5. pavoo - May 15, 2009

moar moar moar!

Shion - May 16, 2009

Wait. It’ll come…eventually.

6. pavoo - May 16, 2009

MOAR! lol

7. pavoo - May 16, 2009


Shion - May 16, 2009


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