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Harvest…what? May 18, 2009

Posted by Shion in Life(Real), My View On Stuff Today.
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For the initiated, you’ll prolly get the title if I added “farm”, “crops”, “girls”, “tools”.

Yes people, I’m stuck on (yet) another rendition of Harvest Moon or 牧場物語 Bokujō Monogatari in japan



Underneath its many titles, of which nearly all has Harvest Moon written on it, it usually consists of the same formula, you get a farm with tools you can use to cultivate said farm, and more additional tools that can be bought/obtained liek the Gold Sickle(epic stuff).

It all started when I was a little boy. <cue flashback-y music>

‘Twas a time when Win98 was the stuff, when OS/2 was still competing, when Apple was no longer just a fruit, In a little place called Selayang, I came back from Selayang Mall, with a CD I bought, in it is a lot of games for SNES, titled “Emulator King”. Then after watching brother play it, I tried, and God knows, I’m stuck.


Years after, when the Win98 was replaced by the snazzy WinXP, When the gameboy became Advance, Whrn Pokemon Sapphire was still buggy, aah, cut the crap, I borrowed another emulator disc, only this time, it’s the VisualBoyAdvance, new-age emulator technology, bought me the next title I played,


‘Twas loong after that, after Selayang, in my new abode, when I came across ‘nother Emulator program(lol I never owned any consoles) for the DualScreen, by Nintendo. It was fun, the mouse is useful, the graphics 3D,


But then, a storm came, in the form of innovation,of change, henkaku, The Hero wields a sword, Television is non-existant, and magic, is coool.

Fourth, glorious forth.

Note the DualScreen goodness.

Well, graphics ain’t much, it’s DS after all. Can’t expect much.

P.S. : notice that there is no “now playing”, since the DS emulator program is running.


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