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Magatsu Masurao ++ReMix++ May 21, 2009

Posted by Shion in Gunplamo, Life(Real), My View On Stuff Today.
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Anothere feeble attemt to plant customizing ideas


Magatsu Izanagi

If anybody read this and came up with the idea of…say…customizing their Susanoo/Sakigake Ahead model into their Persona 4 look alike, without mentioning in my site for any permission to do so, I’ll sue you, or worse, I’ll curse your miserable life so that it’ll be even more miserable >=D Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa.

++Fixed the pic’s link, since this post is somewhat popular++


1. pavoo - May 21, 2009

I wish I had a persona XD

and my persona name is ‘Beach Boy’ XD haha

Shion - May 21, 2009

I already have a Personae. It’s name is Shion.

2. pavoo - May 22, 2009

Hah! my persona its on ma avatar!

3. pavoo - May 22, 2009

and I mean proton Persona!

4. Gunstray - May 22, 2009

Permission for convertion^^

Shion - May 22, 2009

Granted. hoho.

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