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My…anger May 31, 2009

Posted by Shion in Life(Real), Persocrap.

Me…angry…for most people who’ve met me before, me, angry, is a rare sight.

I mean, last time it happened, I beat my best friend on the back, and he reeled over, coughing. Anothe notable time was with an unusually annoying guy, kept pestering me. One day, while he was behind me, pestering me as usual, I stopped(walking), turned around, and said “Do you really wanna fight? If so, come on. Right here, right now”.  All he did was gave me two(puny-tiny-weak) kicks which I easily blocked. I took a few steps closer, stared up(he was taller lol) and he broke down, apologising. Another one was because this kid stole a toy I got from my buddy, and had the balls to say that it was his. I let him have it. Both the toy, and something else, a big bruise on his face, and aminor concussion.

The first event happened when I was 15, the second and third at around 10.

Nowadays, me getting mad, is once in a blue moon. Ask any of the people that knows me, “angry”, “short-fused”, and other anger related words are rarely used to describe me. “Loner”, “quiet”, “boring”, and the occasional “funny” are normal.

Why am I so? Simple. It’s because I know that any fool stupid enough to kick up dust, deserves to have it blown back to their faces. As for bully seniors, they’re just stupid, and can’t help but envy my genius.

Most of the time, I just keep my anger bottled up, but you know what they say about contents under pressure: Dangerous.

Don’t make me a’splodes, mm’kay? =D


1. pavoo - June 2, 2009

okay ^^

Shion - June 2, 2009

You got plkn?

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