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I thirst… June 4, 2009

Posted by Shion in Gunplamo, Life(Real), My View On Stuff Today, Persocrap.

…for something to build. Something to do,something to make.

I still couldn’t manage to procure a 00 raiser HG, one that I’ve been looking for(a cheap one at that,) more that two months. Here, I will tell you how close I’ve been to it.

First time I found one, was at Isetan, Parkson, and Toys ‘R’ Us, of KLCC. My hopes soared, as I thought that I may get one. As quickly as it rose, it fell. The moment I picked the box up, and saw the price tag, I wept(figuratively).



At all three stores.

Then it came to pass, that the Warehouse Sale came, and Kona-kun bought her MG Strike I.W.S.P. She told me that she saw one(00 raiser), and that it was around my expected price range, which was 60 to 70. BUT she only saw one, and the box was sliiightly dented.


Guess what?


The final, but most frustrating one, was when my brother went to King of The Land(Shah Alam) with his merry band of friends. He left in the morning(I think), and I sat at home. When he returned home, the first words he said were “Too Bad”.


Because he found a small shop, with gunpla, figures, and games, with a very nice shop owner. They borak-borak’d(conversed) about stuff, gunpla, and some other thing, and as iit turns out, the last 00 raiser of the stock was already sold, fifteen minutes earlier.

The shop owner wanted to give my bro the Trans-Am ver of the HG, plus a free Action Base, with the price of the 00 raiser, but my bro knew that I’ll never accept a Trans-Am ver. Why? Simply because IT’S PINK.


1. gunstray - June 4, 2009

0_o, Dude, I have no idea what Ringgits are, but 99 is just wtf for one HG.

Also tell your bro, That pink truly means Manliness. Cause It takes manly courage to wear pink.

Shion - June 5, 2009

Ringgit Malaysia is the currency. It’s denoted(usually) as MYR.

RM99.90 is around….31.4427 CAD, which equates to 28.5674 USD, which is around 2,755.75 JPY.

lol four countries.

gunstray - June 5, 2009

0_o Dude 31.45 $CAD, I could buy two regular 00 with that much money or one NG 1/100!!

Shion - June 5, 2009

Now you see how pricey it is. The price range I expected was around 22 CAD. Last my bro seen it, the price increased ANOTHER twenty Ringgits, which is from 31.45 CAD to 37.45 CAD.

Damn, Malaysian currency so small… (-_-)

2. gunstray - June 5, 2009

heheh Mattel really screwed up the color pink, must be why your bro didnt buy it ^^;

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