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Remember that Cats don’t… June 8, 2009

Posted by Shion in Life(Real), My View On Stuff Today, Persocrap.

attention: this post was not intended to troll, mock, any sides of the argument, but was created out of sheer disgust to BOTH. If you are either Malaysian or Indonesian and are members in any of the below mentioned groups; SCREW YOU. YOU’RE MAKING A SHAME OF ALL OF US. SO STOP ARGUING.

…eat childish fights. I recently found out that there exist, in Facebook, an Indonesian group that openly mocks Malaysia, as among it’s arguments being that the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is named so,  and the fact that Indonesian artistes are (un)usually more popular in Malaysia. Now, there exists another group, in retaliation, to ban the former group. Although, in actuality, BOTH groups should be banned. It’s a fact that people mock others because of their own insecurity. So, Indonesians mock Malaysians because of their not being able to justify their own country. I’m not taking any sides in this argument since IT’S STUPID.

The arguments (some of it):

Malay Language is a wrongly spoken version of Indonesian.
Verdict; Dumb. Think British(Queens) English and American English. Malaysians may state, like the Indonesians did, that Indonesian is wrongly spoken Malay.

Malaysian Flag is a modded American flag.
Verdict; Dumb. I can also say that the Indonesian flag is modded Japanese flag. And guess what, the Japanese indeed did hold Indonesia for a while, as it did Malaysia. Is that not another reason for us to WORK TO GET HER? (lol)

Malaysian independence was given by the British.
Hello? We had to demand independence in order to receive it. They didn’t give it just like that. Please do some research before spouting CARP.

Malaysian are lazy. That’s why we(Malaysians) employ immigrants to do the dirty work.
Would you say a CEO as lazy if he employed others to do stuff he didn’t want to? Try to look at the people who came to the company in search of jobs. They came at their own free will.

Indonesia had a female President.
America has a BLACK, Muslim understanding President, England go Queens. You don’t see them boasting.

THIS IS ALL BULL-CARP, AND I PERSONALLY THINK: What The Purple(WTP) are these people arguing about?


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