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A Dream June 9, 2009

Posted by Shion in Life(Real), My View On Stuff Today, Persocrap.
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I had a dream this morning, and it was the sweetest, most Awwww, dream I had. Most of my dreams(when I have them) are kinda phrophetic(pardon the use of  the word).

One time I dreamt about meeting a reeeeeeeeeally familiar looking short-haired girl, whom which my Persona seemed to covet. Upon waking, I was puzzled, since there was noone in my class with short hair(that I coveted duh). Next day(I think) I was  walking in a supermarket, around the dairy section, when I met her. A classmate of mine, who had trimmed her long, back-length hair, to(guess what) a shorter do. I was walking along, admiring them apples(it was on sale), when there came a sweet, angelic, and slightly dry-throated voice called my name, I turned around, lo and behold, an angel. A short haired one. I chatted withe her. Mostly in silence, since she had her imouto with her(curse sisters), and I had mine with me(curse sisters more!!). It wasn’t until the goodbyes that I remembered the dream, and its newfound significance.

However, that, sweet as it may be , is not the dream.

The dream I had this morning, was far MOAR sweeter, since the last one didn’t involve TWO mothers(in-laws?), the internet(a site similar to facebook), cool buddhist proverbs(or something that sounds like it), my(family) house, another girl(this time a longer haired one, maybe she left it long after?), sports attire(blue tee-shirts with blue  stripes running from the collar to the sleeve, with matching track-bottoms), the dark(with us together innit, wink, wink), and(regtetfully) my brother, as a babysitter.

It was a weird and bizzare one. But the girl was cute, the story kinda what you’d find in ecchi mangas(save the world stuff), the scene simple(me, her, our laptops, a table), and totally nothing ero happened. Besides the hand on chest(her on my Persona’s, not other way round, I was sweating profusely, delirious, and she held me down) . Not a one. Which made it significant, since it’s a dream involving a girl, but not lust.

That’s quite about all I could remember about it. Doesn’t make it any less significant, it’s just that…I dunno, it may come true, no matter how long it may take. I’m hoping.

The one most memorable part was the “holding me down part”, when my Persona was struggling to give-up, run away, she said ‘you’re not too bad, change your clothes, lose some weight…’ with her beautiful visage dominating my vision
(///_///) Definit A’www Moment!!


1. pavoo - June 10, 2009

nice dream moment mate! ^^

(Finally I got my Digital Devil Saga 2 copies! yay!!)

Shion - June 10, 2009

A good dream is a good dream.

Where did you find the copy? I thought it was an old game?

Now Playing: Dragonica

2. pavoo - June 11, 2009

man, i bought at the most very prehistoric place on BBS, Selayang Capitol ^^

busy playing DDS 2, seldom online!

Shion - June 12, 2009

Capitol……don’t remember it.

3. pavoo - June 12, 2009

hmmm summit square??

Shion - June 13, 2009

Can’t remember. Too long ago.

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