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Susanoo HG, the con-something June 14, 2009

Posted by Shion in Gunplamo, Life(Real), My View On Stuff Today.
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Imma gonna tell ya evrythin I kin sees about teh Susanoo HG, so that in teh future I can proudly mock theos stupeed enuff to miss someof Susanoo HG’s features, excluding me since it’s alright for me to miss teh feetures cos I wrote tis disclamer.

Teh subjek's case file

I shalt begin with teh basics; It’s a HG, scaled at 1/144, which means it’s 144th of it’s actual size, givem that there is an actual mobile suit of the type. It’s (teh model) made up of ABS plastic, with rubber(or referred to as “PC”) polycaps. Sadly, the case file is written in a language I know of, but personally don’t understand (much). All I could gather was that it releazses at 20th of Jyune, in Japan. Worldwide? I know less than a stupid ***** does.

A bak profiel of teh subjekt. Note the slightly off axis of the binders' arms. It suggest a one-sided connection (like me and my crush, orz), and the large, Union crest on the back. Don't know what that is? DIE, AND NEVER RETURN

Swords can consolidate. And the cable-thingy goes in the hole.

GN Mega Launcher action. I suspect that the shoulder charger thingy is connected by a smartly-hidden polycap.

Beam Chakram is made of transparent ABS plastic, either colorless or colored(orange), unknown. Side binders has klawz. Kewl.

Binder arms are able to rotate around the x-axis(first joint, on the right), and in the y-axis(second joint, connecting the binder arm with the actual binder))

I suspect the feet to have two articulation points, one in the ankle-leg part, the other in the feet-feet thingy part.

The shoulders have two articulation, one in the torso-shoulder, and in the shoulder-arm. The hip utilises ball joints, like the Arios HG and Gadessa HG does,and another connection to the thigh part. Visor is removable to expose teh Overflag sensor and mono-eye. Sword hooks-up at two different places, the binders(for when they are apart) and the back(whent they are happily together<3). Display stand is self-explanatory, and if I have to explain, no, it's not an action base2, not sparkle red, just plain, black, SEED HG stand. It's free though.


List of all the articulation points. Note: when I say elbow, it means both left and right elbows, no wise-cracks.
Head(ball joint, using the polycap neck), base of neck(see head’s note), torso(to shoulders,), shoulders, upper arm, elbows, wrist(ball joints, to the hands), waist(monoaxial rotation), hip(ball joint), upper thigh, knee joints(both of them, think gadessa, 00, arios etc,etc), and the aforementioned feet joints.


1. gunstray - June 14, 2009

I’ll forgive bandai for making Susanoo’s waist fat, just for the sake of the features, THE awesome features

Shion - June 14, 2009

It didn’t seem that fat, and following the theory that the camera adds ten pounds, it’s logical to see the Susanoo so fat.

I mean, I thought the 00’s shoulders were big, and in reality, you know it’s not.

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