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I be in Lo(^v^)e. June 19, 2009

Posted by Shion in Kotobukiya, Life(Real), Persocrap.
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This is a Kotobukiyan product. All them other prod-ducts in mah blog are all Bandaians. So, this, is SPARTA. No, technically, this is crazy of me. But still…


This is the object of my infatuation.

Problem being it’s a Kotobukya plamo, and me being an ardent follower of Bandai’s stuff, don’t know where to even look for it. Any help?

Mono-eye sux, visor-eyes rox


1. pavoo - June 23, 2009

looks skinny and cool at the same time, especially holding a shield

Shion - June 23, 2009

Really neat, like a Union Flag. It releases somewhen around October. I don’t know where to find one though.

2. pavoo - June 23, 2009

ebay? amazon? murah dot com dot my? lol?

Shion - June 23, 2009

lol nah, I don’t trust online buying.

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