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I be recruitin (‘w’)riters. June 19, 2009

Posted by Shion in Site Stuff.

But not for my blog, heavens no, instead, I’m doing a favor for ma slave lackey pal, Gargron.

Random sugar #1

Y’see, his site need some sprucin’ up, an’ I, as a nice owner senior friend offered him my help as a professional recruiter because I can.

Here’s loosely what he’s looking for:
A writer(duh) for his site(double-duh), an animeblogging-place-thingy, for meidocons maid enthusiasts. Must have high tolerance to smart-ass comments and other junk, I think(mostly because of the smart-ass comments that Yours Truly drops there ).

Apply at the site itself, http://anime2.kokidokom.net/ (owe mah F God!! I haben’t rolled his site yet), or his Twitter, if you have it ‘ere http://twitter.com/Gargron

Random sugar #2. And yes, I have played FFTA 2 before.


1. Gargron - June 19, 2009

As promised, a freakin’ thank-you for the help. ^__^

Shion - June 19, 2009

You’re freakin’ welkum man.

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