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Orewa yuuzai June 22, 2009

Posted by Shion in Life(Real), My View On Stuff Today, Persocrap.

I have a guilt complex. I don’t call myself an emo person since I hate those kind of people(sorry, no offence), but guilt seems to favor me.

I feel guilty about breaking a girl’s assignment, and didn’t admit it because of equal parts of shame and ego. Later on, I am guilted again because of a failed reassurance, and the girl(the very same one) cried again.

I feel guilty about my stupid imouto’s(younger sister) mistake in being so easy to dupe.

I am guilty in ignoring a young lady who liked me, but one whom I cannot like because of me liking another, and because I am unworthy of her, as she could get better guys than me. I feel guilty of ignoring her messages, her calls, her hello’s.

I feel guilty for not letting my sick kitten in, and after the kitten passed away, I feel guilty for it’s passing, in that I could’ve done something.

I feel guilty for breaking promises with the most important woman in my life, for without her, I would not exist, which may be for the better of the world.

I have, in a misunderstanding, angered a girl, and I have done it again tonight.

I have damaged, broken promises, angered.

Now, it is of no surprise that I know not of this feeling called love, and affection, and could not tell them apart from lies, and false hope, since I , in my adolescent life, have only sinned, stolen, broken, and felt only anger, sadness, loss, and GUILT.


1. pavoo - June 23, 2009

kittyy!!!!! nooooo~~~ T_T

Shion - June 23, 2009

All the things I did.

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