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(Another) Pastel Related… Edited. June 26, 2009

Posted by Shion in Manga.

People who follow my twitter will roll their eyes into the nearest ledge, drain, and/or body of (preferably) dirty water and scream out “NOT ANOTHER PASTEL POST”. And warning, and stuff, spoilarz ahead. A spoiler is indicated liek (this), as in white words, in brackets.

One of the reasons I read this awsm Manga..

Tsukisaki Yuu and Tadano Mugi

Pastel is (simply) another rom/com manga. As in romance/comedy. No sci-fi, fantasy(well, maybe lewd fantasies), but no lazors, magic swords with ten interchangable forms, mythical beasts that has a sharp, drill like nose and goes “puun” no ZWOOM, FEOO, FWEE, SWISH lazor swords sounds, no intergalactic crises that only Mugi can solve, no murders with criminals that “are among us”, no “truth is out there”, no talking robots, nobody rises from the dead, TWICE *cough*Sunrise*cough*, no masked villain with red mechas, no mechas whatsoever, therefore nobody piloting the mechas, therefore no mask wearing pilots of mechas, no basketball playing mechas, there are a lot of girl characters, but only a handful of them likes Mugi, and Mugi only likes(absolutely, with undying faith, fervor, anf ferociousness) one, unlike the standard “I-live-in-a-house-with-a-lot-of-girls-and-they-all-like-me,-I-think,-cause-I-wouldn’t-know-it-even-if-I-see-it” harem hero. There are some ecchi scenes though, but not much to satisfy the pervs needing readers.

The scenery...majestic...

Tu put it simply (enough), Pastel is about a guy called Tadano Mugi, whose life revolve around his job catching ghosts is as normal as any other barley(pun intend), with a normal barley house, normal barley friends, in a normal barley school, located in a normal barley town. All goes normally, until BAM!,( his klutz of a girlfriend moves away, to Tokyo), and we see him saddened with the loss of his girlfriend. At least until he meets Yuu, a few pages after, undressing (WOOOOOOOOO) and gets charged 120 yen for the “show”(BOOOOOO) . Following the edict of “opposites attract”, Yuu is (a city girl, who knows hick of cooking, and the only chore do-able are washing clothes, making canine torture devices, and playing with the cat), and following the edict of Manga, they eventually, after (91) grueling chapters, they(namely Mugi) finally musters up the courage and kokuhaku’s.

A word of caution, the artist’s former work, Parallel, although shorter(totalling 10 tankobons) has 99.07% commonality to Pastel.  There are no “arcs” to speak of, but you’ll see the spitting resemblance of certain occasion, like the summer festival scene, where the occurances are almost alike.

Another reason more why the manga is awsm


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