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Of Wireless and Internets, and books and models July 4, 2009

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I am in a University. It’s called the Malaysian University of Technology. I repeat; TECHNOLOGY. And the people there aren’t very much techy savvy(sorry UTM, no offence), at least the people at my dorm are. Come on…its UTM. An integral part of the name is Technology, and you people can’t even use a laptop right? I EXPECTED MORE GEEKS, NOT MUSCLE HEADS!!(again, no offence

Seriously people, THIS, IS, SPARTAAAAAA!!!

Okay, the earlier paragraphs were rants. I’m pissed simply because they can get them Internets connection via Wireless, and I couldn’t. I tried, mind you, but all to no avail. Maybe I gots to register with CICT first, saa na?

I promise, If I could get the internets in my room, in my dorm, I’ll write a series of compositions here, in my blog, Tsuishi No Ame. (>@_@<)

Nothing too fancy though, just short stories, for all to see, even for those under 18, and those above 13, inspired by whatever inspired me. It’s not smut, not adult compositions, not Lime/Lemon, just simple english compositions, in near perfect english.

So? Howsabout that? Maybe I’ll add a theme request feature via comments, polls, and yakyuuken, drawing straws, rock paper scissors, E-mail. Okay, maybe not E-mail.

Oh, and I feel quite empty at the dorm, due to it not being my room, and with my bro in Malacca, and the aforementioned reason, I’m curently looking for Susanoo(or Susanowo if you’d want to call it that) High Grade Bandai Gundam Plastic Model Kit, or HG gunpla, and Christie Golden’s verylated book, the final installation of Star Craft, The Dark Templar Saga, Twilight(not about the lame vegetarian vamps) in paperback format.


1. pavoo - July 4, 2009

they shud take me instead, Im ma teckies boys, damn my favorita food is bluetooth ^^

Shion - July 4, 2009

lololol BLUTOOF NOMS!!

They keep saying how we “are the lucky 500 out of 100000 who applied for UTM”. Iz don’t feel lucky, just lonely and bored. At least Naqiu’s here. Ooh, I forgot when, but UTM’s gonna do an open day. I’ll post about it when I remember it.

pavoo - July 4, 2009

thx god aku tak kena lol

Shion - July 4, 2009

At least I’m not in teh Skudai campus, what with the crimes, deaths, murders there. And I’m in KL somemore, near to Sg. Wang, easy to go look for Gundams.

pavoo - July 5, 2009

easy to spot you then….

2. pavoo - July 4, 2009

is bluetooth technology? 2.0?

3. pavoo - July 4, 2009


4. pavoo - July 4, 2009

its 3.0 i think

5. pavoo - July 4, 2009

impossible! its 2.1 plus EDR larhhg!

6. pavoo - July 4, 2009

what is this!!!??

7. pavoo - July 4, 2009

This is spartaaa!!!

8. pavoo - July 4, 2009

…….yea i prefer radio frequency instead -.-

9. pavoo - July 4, 2009

bluetooth FTW!!!

10. pavoo - July 4, 2009

dun spamming leh nanti kena ban

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