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I’m freezing… (++I’m bored…++ REMIX) July 16, 2009

Posted by Shion in Life(Real), Persocrap.
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I be freezin, this library be cold, mah Grey Jacket of protection (+50% cold resistance, -25% Heat resistance, +15% style) cannot defend against Air-cond Wind of Library (5000-8500 cold damage, 50% chance to freeze, 15% chance to cast Fever, 15% chance to cast Greater Fever). When I find whoever it is responsible for the Air-cond unit, I’ll roast him with Greater Fireball, then fire Ravaging Shot twice, then a Waves of Force, then a Freezing Circle, then…


lol SuZanagi

*No, this is not a sign that I’ve only played Dungeon Siege II ever since I’ve been left stranded in mah dorm-room-of-no-Innynets, and the only place worth going to get them Innynets is the Library(*insert enigmatic chorus singing enigmatic tune, preferrably with latin wordings*) that, depending on its moods, can be either blazing hot, comfy-ly comfortable, or uncomfy-ly finger-freezing-till-I-can’t-type-normally cold. Wait… maybe it is?


1. pavoo - July 16, 2009


Shion - July 16, 2009

You heven’t felt cold like this before mein freund.

pavoo - July 16, 2009

hah you never felt cold as glacial blast…let see…

2. kai626 - July 16, 2009

Come on la… our Grey Jackets hv the same stats, but I had to withstand more, (9999-9999 cold dmg, 60% chance to freeze, 25% chance to sleep in class, 45% chance of H1N1)… not only that, the elevators of this place sure killer on my legs, (6000-7000 physical dmg, 70% chance of weaken, 90% chance of fatigue)… if everyday got classes on 14th floor, sure lg kurus la…

3. Gunstray - July 16, 2009

I was like “WTF are you talking about”,Till you mentioned that game and that ever changing library^^;;

Nice comparison between Susanoo and Izanagi. Kinda dark though.

Shion - July 17, 2009

haha, I recommend that game to everybody, ‘specially if you got a soft spot for RPGs. But yeah, tha pic was dark since it was taken indoors with my sucky-phone-cam. Next up is Susanoo RE(pair) version. A play on Exia RE.

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