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“G-G-G-Giri da!!” July 25, 2009

Posted by Shion in Gunplamo, Life(Real), Manga, My View On Stuff Today, Site Stuff.

\(OAO)/        <3<(///_///<)

Not THAT giri. Although I’d most certainly like to use that excuse on a certain someone. Oh well.

It’s just that I said I’ll put up a post back then. Oh well.

Okay. ‘ere goes.

I like bees. Cortana letters. A big ring in space is cool. “Whoever says neat anymore?”. Q: What did the Halo:CE Elite say to the marine? A: Wort Wort Wort. IWHBYD. 777T777.

“Were it so easy. . .”

Okay. That sums up gameblogging.Now for animeblogging.

MOYASHIMON IS TEH MICROBEz. “Ekushia, mokhyou chukusuru”. “This goes beyond love and hate, this is FATE!!”. “Your gigantic orbital-ring mounted, solar powered lazor cannon is the orbital weapon that will pierce the sky!! MEMENTO MORI!!”. “Don’t believe in yourself, believe in VEDA!!”.

Mangablogging’s next.

Knowing me, you’ll prolly die in this one: PastelPastelPastelPastelPastelPastelPastel. I read lotso kinda ecchi mangas. IZ PROUD OF IT. Kinda. I liek Bleach. And Naruto. I don’t kair what you say ’bout them, coz Iz lieks them.

Aaaaaand the entry for Gunplablogging iiiiiiss. . .

This be mah Susanoo. This be mine. Yesh.

This be mah Susanoo. This be mine. Yesh.



Photoblogging: This is mah dorm room. It's not sideways though. And my 2mp camera sucketh.

Couldn’t put my lame attempt at vlogging. No videos to put.

Whoo, that was fun. Really, it was.


1. gunstray - July 26, 2009

*Goes Insane Moe* *SIZLE* Oh SH~~~ Sorry man I didnt get much but I can understand Halo and 00 references.

So how is Pastel and Ecchi Manga?
“Abandon hope all ye who enters”

2. pavoo - August 1, 2009

heh i wish i lived on halo ring….

Shion - August 2, 2009

Wouldn’t want that, with all the flood around. But minus them, it’d be fun.

3. pavoo - August 3, 2009

we can control the flood though, unless some1 press the wrong button

Shion - August 4, 2009

Then ebrything go boom. I wanna some covenant weapons though.

4. pavoo - August 5, 2009

I need uber plasma blade then ^^

Shion - August 6, 2009

Scarab beam plasma rifle for me.

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