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Tadaima… July 25, 2009

Posted by Shion in Life(Real), My View On Stuff Today, Persocrap.

I’m back home!! I actually wanted to nag rant write a long post about how crappy UTM dorm is, how crappy the people there are, and at one time, about global prejudice.Whoo, lookitme going all global.

But that’s all behind anyways. Was never one that can get angry at something so small anyways. This is just a “I’m back and blablabla” post. Real post to follow.


1. Gunstray - July 25, 2009

Global Prejuduce ?? Anyway Glad your back, and ressecions going to be over, hopefully soon

Shion - July 25, 2009

Just back at home for a few days. I’ll go back to University at sunday or monday.

What recession are you talking about? Ebrythin’s fine and dandy over ‘ere.

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[…] just that I said I’ll put up a post back then. Oh […]

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