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Who cares, I certainly don’t!! August 9, 2009

Posted by Shion in My View On Stuff Today, Persocrap, Site Stuff.
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I just watched a part of the new Haruhi Season 2, the infamous Endless 8 (or e8 in subsequent parts of the agreement) and I could only say one thing; IT TOTALLY RAWKS FOOT/BALLS . Okay, maybe four things. That aside, I’M SOOOOO DAMN OUTDATED (T_T)

First one was normal, as in “woo! new eps comin’ in. yaay”. As you could read it yourself, it doesn’t convey much enthusiasm, cause that’s how I felt. Little. Enthusiastic. Mostly ’cause I’ve heard(read: read) about it in loads of blogs. And from what I hear(read: read), totally denies the episodes it’s awesomeness.

At this point, it still seems normal, I thought that the next ep will plummet me down, like what everybody said about e8. On of which I could still remember was;

Save for a few minor differences, all the other episodes are the same.

I forgot where I read that, so whatever. Hell, whilst watching e81, I even considered skipping straight to e86, the latest that I have. Good thing ‘common sense’ walked in and shot ‘loyal advice taker’ in the head.

Then came the second ep. And Veni. From Veni, Vedi, Vici, but just Veni. First thought that popped in mah head was “ALL YOU FCUKGNI ANIBLOGGERS ARE FCUKGNI WRONG”. Sure, they re-used all the lines, sure, it’s kinda like a rerun, sure, Madrid is located somewhere on this world, but man,  can you not see the difference between e81 and e82, and e81 and e82 and eb3? Has all your broken hopes, dreams, and expectations clouded your vision? Do you not see the awesomeness that is e8? There are loads of difference in EACH scene, like where/how Kyon/Kyon’s sister was sitting when Haruhi called, and what route Kyon picked to go back home, to the mask that Yuki bought as with the clothes they wear? . So what if the story(plot) was stopped, do people see a stagnant pool if it’s covered with beautifully coloured pigment producing algae/moss/aquatic plant?

The answer to that, is YES. To normal, box people, the aforementioned stagnant pool is what it is, no matter how beautiful the decorations, a dead pool of water.

Here are the points with which I award e8 for my “WTHWCICD” award:

  1. KyoAni has the audacity to use the same story again, and again, and again. Don’t you get it? They HAVE it. Most others would just say “This ain’t gon’ work” or “You crazy?” +1
  2. Seeing Kyon annoyed was part of the joy. +4
  3. I really liked that vest thing Koizumi wore at the rooftop scene in e81. +8
  4. The episodes has takes from a multitude of angles, in vivid and dazzling colors, like nature photography. I liek nature photos. +14
  5. I confused Haruhi with K-ON’s Ritsu. Well, KyoAni’s works. But still, it showed me that the K-ONmena (since K-ON phenomena was too long to type, but I typed it anyways) has side effects. -3.5
  6. I got to see Yuki in a veritable array of Yukatas and Mizugis. And with a mask too. So that should count as Yuki=40 Yukata=5×8 Mizugi=8×8 mask=-5 that’d be…40+40+64-5=+139
  7. I haven’t seen the whole thing yet. -100
  8. Kyon’s “Now I know how it feels for Virtue to do a purge”, “Now I know how it must have felt for Unit 00 after getting hit by that beam”, “I feel like I just got away from the lead Adzam” comment from episodes 05,06 and 07 respectively are obvious, shining references to Gundam!! Especially Virtue’s purge and Unit 00(lols he pronounced it as zero-oh ‘stead of daburu-oh)  +INFONITY
  9. It joys me so that I could find light in the deepest solace of darkness cast by the stupid, judging, hurt, broken, and most importantly, famous, world.

So, if you haven’t seen e8, but already read all the crap reviews saying how crappy e8 is out there, scrap ’em and watch fer yourselfs. You ain’t some kinda robot to be manipulated. You have your own views and thoughts. And Yuki is the greatest character in Haruhi, seconded bu Kyon, and thirded by Koizumi. The final paragraph is not a subconscious order, this one is, and you will continue to frequent my blog, and spread the word to others.

Seriously though, watch it first, don’t trust views of people whose expectations were broken about the thing that broke their expectations. And don’t be afraid to say “I watched e8 and I found it good”, ’cause seriously, who cares, I certainly don’t.


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