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A simple HG 00 mod ++REmix – dorm room live++ August 14, 2009

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…if it can even be called as such.

Oh look, it's an assembled 00 without it's GN Drives, but what is that on it's shoulder? An antenna?

Why, it's a GN Sword-Rifle, sticking onto its backpack!

How am I doing this, you might ask. Well…I’m not telling. lolzor. Coincidentally, I’m editing this from my room. It has internets.

Did I glue it on? Why is it there?

No, but it's there with a small mod to the back pack. Look as 00 tries to pull the sword ala RX-78-2...

...from three...

...different angles!!

The same 00, in better lighting(camera still sux though), with my hand's cameo appearance as a huge hand accosting 00.

As you might be able to see, the sword is only attached to the backpack via an unexplained mechanism I added.

Again, on the backpack, an only on it. This time from an aerial view.

The sword-sticking-on-backpack does not impede hip movement. Backwards...

...or forward...

...not even Squidward!!

Okay, the last one probably wasn’t true…

But how did I do it? Rethorical question of course, as I know the answer.

I’ll tell if ANYBODY in the whole world wants to know. Drop a comment, or an elephant or two if you can. ‘Till then, I’ll keep it to myself.



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2. gunstray - August 19, 2009

LOL squidward.from what I see in the 10 pic, you forced a PC(rubber)ball into the socket of the GN spatula

Shion - August 19, 2009


Wrong. Think simpler, without the ball-and-socket.

Bet you didn’t see Squidward comin’ did ya?

gunstray - August 20, 2009

simpler eh… Ductape?

Shion - August 21, 2009

Nope. But ductape is a bit….

Hint: it’s on the PC runner.

3. kai626 - August 21, 2009

the socket for GN drive + nub at sword for hip holster, rite?

4. iron2000 - October 3, 2009

This is pretty cool!
Never thought of this mod!
Make me want to try too 😛

Shion - October 3, 2009

As Nokia’s tagline says:

Just Do It.

Oh and I forgot which polycap I used for it, but I’m sure it was from one of the SEED SDs polycap sprue.

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