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Amatsuki. Good. August 30, 2009

Posted by Shion in Manga.
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I like reading manga. I like reading lots of kinds of manga. Mostly funny ones. No matter what it is I could like it(most of it). I’ve read bloody ones, psych ones, cliche ones, ones people dislike, ones with hype. And Amatsuki is rather cliched. But as I said with my Endless 8 review, who cares, I certainly don’t!

Another manga with pastel colours. I'm weak with pastel colours.

Now I’m reading Amatsuki. The title comes from the japanese saying “Amayo no Tsuki”. Meaning “To see the moon on a rainy day”. There are two things I like in japanese(amongst many), one is Rain, the other, Moon. Ame and Tsuki. This thing has both. More of a reason for me to read it. (^_^) ♪~

It comes with the tags action, anime, fantasy, historical, shounen, and supernatural. Screw the anime part, art looks like some shoujo manga. Toetally different than the AWSHM manga. Shounen is self-explanatory, action part is kinda okay, not too far apart (scratch that, it’s a talky manga),  and then there’s fantasy, supernatural, and historical.

Usually in manga with these three, you could say “Hmm, it must be about some kid’s adventure in historic Japan/Europe/country(historical, shounen part), and there’s ghosts and magic and stuff(supanat, fantasy part)”.
Well, that is what it is.

Summary nao.

History isn’t Tokidoki’s strong subject. He’s even forced to do make-up work at a high-tech history museum to bring up his failing grades. After losing an eye to a virtual reality monster in an Edo-period simulation, he finds himself unable to leave the game. Could it be real?

Yeah, the kid’s name is Tokidoki. Pastel’s name is Tadano Mugi(just a normal barley), and now Amatsuki’s Tokidoki. Like, Dokidoki, minus the heart stuff. But the summary above doesn’t justify the magic part. All it sez is “high-tech history museum” and “a virtual reality monster”.

So…what is it about? I ain’t telling. BTW, the pic links to Onemanga’s Amatsuki page. Read it, ‘kay?

(>_0)/ Ciaozo~

P.S. There’s a character called Kon, and he’s not a stuffed lion plushie.

P.P.S. The chibi drawing’s AWSHM. Kinda like GetBackers’ and Sekirei’s. More like Sekirei’s though. Ooh, and the artist has a cat. Lookit the chibi example below.

(0_0) -> (oΔo)? (-.-).....

I don’t usually say this, but ‘Kawaii, desho desho?’


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