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GN-RX-78-2-00-0, 0 Gundam HGsai-yo REmix September 14, 2009

Posted by Shion in Gunplamo, Review.
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Title don’t mean carp, seriously, it doesn’t.

Note: I resized some of the pics, as people without widescreens see them a bit, say, weird.

Pictures though, mean lots.
First up, there’s this, what I aptly titled as “LOOOOOOOOOOT”

0 Gundam for me, and 0 Gundam for ma bro.

Okay, that’s that for the loot part. Now for the piece du resistance, GN-000 0 GUNDAM

"I was in ma Gundam,and was like, pewpewpew these ANFs, and there was this kid goin all 'Woah, like, woah' y'know? And then I was like, 'Yeah man, like, worship me' an' stuff"


The weird coloration was in no part accidental, I wanted it to look retro. Honest

Pheonix Warrior pose

I'm expecting him to say "Praise the High Heavens, blablabla Diablo blablabla"

note: One side of the GN Feather is near-opaque shiny. Weird.

Lookin a lot like a Clone Trooper with a DC-17M, nothing to do with me playing RepComm too much though.

A sideview(duhf)

Rear view w/extended butt plug. Nothing else I could call it.

All the eq's on this thing, or rather usable on this thing. The two Beam Saber parts are from different kits, the HG 00 and 0 ACD. The 0's saber can utilise both 00's and ACD's beam blades, although they're different.

The retro GN-Drive part. I'm not actually gonna glue the devil, just that it's difficult to prop the GN-Drive up.

All the actors in this review. All except the camera(obviously)


1. Gunstray - September 14, 2009

I lol’d at the worship me and stuff^^

2. kai626 - September 14, 2009

hahaha… i can infer 2 things:
1)we’ve been playing diablo for soooooo long we knew the dialogs back to front.
2)you played too many RepComm. period. Let’s rearrange some… (finish the quote)

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