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Why? +1 September 26, 2009

Posted by Shion in Life(Real), My View On Stuff Today, Persocrap.

Why does this post exist?
-Mainly to satisfy my need/want/must/nom to blog, even without nothing to blog about.

Why did I blog in the first place?
-Iunno. It was a dark and stormy night(liezz), I had internets, was bored, and stumbled upon a blog, which name I will not include(it’s dead anyways). So I then wiki’d some nice free blog sites, and made my own. Obviously the site is WordPress.

Why do you write these questions?
-Because I can’t draw them. duh.
-And these questions pop out of the area somewhere between the top of my head and the clear night sky. In other words, thin air.

Why is the world in turmoil?
-‘Cause Turm Oil is better than no Oil.
-‘Cause idiots exist.

Why are you being such a jack-a**?
-Man, you haven’t met me in RL yet. You’d loove me there.
-‘Cause I simply can. <(0_^)*

Does causality exist?

Why do you like assembling Gunpla?
-‘Cause I like to. duh
-‘Cause making something gives me a sort of feeling nothing else does.

Why do you like <kinshoku-jiko>? Is she that special?

Why don’t you have anymore questions?
-‘Cause I don’t.
_Ooookay…Gunny’s asked one now. So this question is rendered moot.

If you gots a Henshin, what would it be?
-Ummmm…..hmmmmm…..aaaahhh….that’s a tough one. I’d say… EXIASUSANOOFAIZKAIXA. Yeah.
– Most probly brought by Gunstray‘s Henshin Days

I’ll edit it later when I have even crazier things to ask me. Heck, maybe I’ll turn it into a page, so that [Tsuishi no Ame 4.4: I will (not) forget]. Oh and please put any question you would like to ask me in the comments. I promise to answer them as long as they are deemed reasonable. That means no >18 stuff.


1. Gunstray - October 8, 2009

Heheh, Pretty interesting self analysis, Though If I may ask;

If you were to be given a chance to have a henshin, what would it be?

Shion - October 9, 2009


Shion - October 12, 2009

Seriously, I’d want a SAVAGE henshin. As in Rk-92m SAVAGE.

2. pavoo - October 12, 2009


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