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4444th Savage October 28, 2009

Posted by Shion in Life(Real), Persocrap, Robot Damashii, Shionkoma.

Before the actual reason I wrote this post (It’s a surprise), I would like to implore you, readers, to take a look at this picture. More precisely, the number I oh so generously shopped magnified for you ungrateful bunch my valued readers, or viewers, whichever comes first. 4444views!!!!Yes. Tsuishi No Ame has reached the 4444 views!!! View Cannon charging complete, transferring View energy to main power coupling, prepare to fire in 4,3,2,….ummmm, so yeah. It reached 4444. And it only took about 10, 11 months. Whoop-dee-doo.

Actually, I wrote this post because of this. I present to thee, the bery first, and may well be the last, Shionkoma.


Just what is it with my fascination with the number four, you ask? I believe I wrote a post about that somewhere in the past. I think. Oh and one last thing, I do not write short posts, they are “bite-sized” for “reader” ease. Really. And Savages rocks, Arba sux.



1. gunstray - November 1, 2009

LOL by 15 yr olds? Guess I can make a real savage now huh

Shion - November 1, 2009

It’s all in the plot. The story has these “Special Kids” called Whispereds. Long story short, they’re 15-16yr old, and they got “How-To: Make ultra-sophisticated technology” implanted in their heads. SINCE BIRTH.

It’s a complicated story, but it’s good. Readding the wiki: Black Technology

2. Gargron - November 11, 2009

Wow, congrats! #funnehnumberz Call me when it’s 6666 :3

Shion - November 11, 2009

Unless I miss it. Still about 1940 views to there.Loong way to go.

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