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R.O.C.K. On! November 18, 2009

Posted by Shion in Review, Unknown..s.

As the title might imply,this post has nothing to do with my current obsession, the Robot Damashii Savage Grey. Any mention of the Savage will be deleted. Aside from that….dang. I don’t have anything more to say.

It has SOMETHING to do with the post. Yes. Oh, and this post contains spoilarrs, so highlight to read, mm

Aside from my less-than-known-by-the-whole-world obsession, I DO have a life. Yes. I do. Really, I do have one. Stop laughing, dammit!!


Amongst what I do in RL, aside from studying, which is Duh (and dull), is gaming. And one of the titles I prominently play is the ones with Megaman in ’em. Yes folks, run in terror. A Megaman fan is amongst you. I’m also a Halo fan. Which automatically makes me an Xbox guy. So there. Go suck ‘yer PS3’s ta hell. I also prefer Noki- wait. This wasn’t my “Branding Ruulz” post. That one comes later.

Back to the main point: Megaman. Some might know it as the game with a little blue kid jumpin’ around beating up robots and stuff. But I remember it as a little RED kid jumpin around beating up robots AND SAVING THE WORLD. And that kid had a name. And it was Zero. Pure, awesome Zero. And not because he had his long, blond hair, nor the fact that fangirls adore a bishonen character, or even because he has ONE OF THE COOLEST SWORD EVAR. Oh wait, it was exactly because of those things. Minus the bishonen crap. Yes. And ignore the “blond hair” reason. Focus on the sword, people.

It all (re)started about two years ago. I picked up a magazine, and saw that my favorite character on the whole of the Megaman series was gonna get a series of ‘is own. Yaay. Sadly enough, it was on the GBA, the cutting edge in handheld gaming(at that time). And the only console I owned was the PlayConsole. a.k.a. the PC. And I don’t know ship about emulation as I do now.

It was actually Megaman Zero 2 in the magazine, but I wanted to play the latest at that time, hence Zero 3.

(I know I said “Sword”, but the Tonfa’s are still bladed right?)

Those Eyes. Those EYES. I

And after finishing Zero 4, I was shocked. Simply because the fact that Zero is *spoilarr* Dead. So is X, Harpuia, Fefnir, Leviathan and Phantom. Along with Omege Zero and Weil (Vile). But who cares about those two, right? One of ’em was THE AWESOMEST REPLOID THAT EVER LIVED, and the other was a carrot head. Oh yeah, the Megaman Zero Series ended too. What with the main character dead and all.

But my grief was not unanswered, for THERE ARRIVED A NEW (and short-lived) SERIES! Partly because people thought of it as an Omake kinda game, and mostly because they’re still kinda miffed that Zero got his own series, and X died. Nye-nye.

But none of that matters now, because the ZX series introduces us to a new feature, the R.O.C.K./M.E.G.A. system, (Rebirth Of Crystallized Knowledge or Meta-Encapsulated Granule Awareness respectively), basically six floating thingys that contain the very essence/data/thingy of the Legendary Hero, The Four Guardians, and The X-dude. And they bestow their Biomatches with GRAPE PAWAA. And cool boots.

Then came this.

Then this.

Then nothins

UN-fortunately, the series ended. Whoa. Deja-vu. And I’m left wanting moar.

Seriously though, Model A does not mean Model Axl. He’s not even a canonical existence. It’s actually the data/essence/thingy of Master Albert, a.k.a THE COOLEST NON-MEGAMERGED EXISTENCE, apart from Siarnaq who’s Awesome.

I’d go and recommend the albums, but you won’t feel it without first playing the thing, So, if you got an NDS (whoever plays GBA anymores), and have a thirst for platformers (not shoes, you hentai-yaro), go and get either one of the above mentioned, Childre not including. Heck, why not get ORU SIKKUSU. Then you can come here and gloat to me AFTER beating the games. Nya-nya.


1. tsukinari - November 21, 2009

wow… never thought that u are a fan of Megaman a.k.a Rockman 😛

Unfortunately me like Rockman too.. way way back when the series starts (Rockman on NES) lolz.. Played all series Rockman 1 to 9 (Megaman), then Rockman X till X8 (Megaman X), then Rockman Dash (Megaman Legends), Rockman Zero – Zero 4 (Megaman Zero), until Rockman ZX (Megaman ZX) >_<;; haven played Advent tho.. Didnt like Rockman EXE (Megaman Battle Network) thinggy .. hate that one.. Also the latest one Ryuusei no Rockman, didnt play that one too…

The funny things is… I never finish all those except Rockman X4 lawl

Good to know that someone like the series ^^ muahaha

Shion - November 21, 2009

I actually started with the Rockman X4, the one on PC one, then lost it when I lost the CD AND broke my comp. Sad. I played battle network too, but liked Zero way more.

Then everything goes to this post.

You SHOULD play ZXA, but just one thing, don’t expect too much of Vent/Aile in it. They’re just side characters in Advent.

2. Marzz - November 21, 2009

Cool! Finally, a megaman fan! I did play all those games you mentioned, and yea, it is a pity such a great series died out…

Shion - November 21, 2009

Yep. Pity for both of the series. Seem they’re pushing for the .EXE and and recently the Ryuusei series. Pity, pity, pity.

3. FaS - December 1, 2009

I played ZX and sold it. It was a really REALLY great game, but it was pretty friggin hard, like seriously. In addition, I was STUCK!!! Not even @ a boss, but in the friggin command center! WTF IS THAT???? Anyways, megaman’s always been fun, but I think they just need to get back to what they do best – a great 2D platformer. This 3D stuff is just too much….like for real.

Shion - December 1, 2009

Command center…command center…which mission was that again? I only had trouble on a few places, and those I cleared…eventually.

I’ll leap with endless joy if they continue the old platformer series. If they do that. Which is a slim chance. Too bad though.

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