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DOne November 22, 2009

Posted by Shion in Unknown..s.

I’ve completed a small mod, it’s name is GN-0 Gundam Unicorn (Longhorn Ver.)


Technically, it’s not a mod. Since I don’t do mods, per se.  And technically, it’s not Unicorn. Alas, the lack of a good camera prevents me from showing what it actually looks like. But I’ll give a description;

It’s white. It has a single horn. some red parts, a shield, beam saber, and it’s in HG format.


1. tsukinari - November 25, 2009

woo.. O Gundam Unicorn!! nice~ cant wait to see the picture.. hayaku hayaku ^^

Shion - November 25, 2009

Haha, it’s not the HG Unicorn though, so you WILL be disappointed.

2. Gunstray - November 29, 2009

Now that you mentioned about Faiz in my last post, Am I expecting red marking lines, and an exceed charge

Shion - November 29, 2009

If I can successfully draw some Photon Streams, and paint the beam saber effect part to red… and then, GUNDAM FAIZ

Nah, I don’t have markers that are permanent enough. Might buy some paint markers, but I’m just too lazy to go to town.

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