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…on music December 7, 2009

Posted by Shion in Anime, Persocrap.

I’m a normal person. More or less. I’m also a hypocrite. And I’m hypocritical about being hypocrite, because I’m not a hypocrite. I could say I hate something, and end up liking it, or totally hate it with my utmost hating.


One of the things I hypocritically hate is certain music. Especially Anime OP/EDs. When I see a series change to a new OP/ED, one of the two things I’ll do is hate it from the get go. The other is to idolize it utterly.I give examples of a few.

Click here if you can’t view the embedded object above

Click here if you can’t view the embedded object above

They’re the PVs, not the OP/ED version, since OP/ED ver + Youtube = Bad Quality. And I don’t want to waste brainwidth to browse each video in the search result to find a good quality one.

That aside-

From the sample of the two songs above (both from Railgun), there is only one element that I don’t like much (notice the use of “don’t like” instead of “HAET”), and that is the voice. Not the particular loli voice of fripSide’s vocalist, but instead the vocals themselves. They break the rhythm of the instrumentals, and in it’s place lay new rhythms. And they distract me, the vocals. Most of the time it’s fine, but sometimes it’s annoying. I liked the instrumentals ver better.

The other reason I put the PVs is that I couldn’t (read: was too lazy to) find the instrumentals ver.

Return your attention, dear reader, to the first video. It’s a trailer for Sega’s new MP TPS arcade game, Border Break, which features music from MECHANiCAL PANDA. Lister to the awesome guitar riffs, then more guitar riffs, some synths, drums, how it swirls together…perfect. Then the vocals kicks in, and ruins it. But not all of it, since I liked the vocals at around 0:47. I’m a hypocrite, remember?


1. Gunstray - December 14, 2009

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Just came… Damn nice the first vid that is.

Shion - December 14, 2009

Search SEGABBch in Youtub. It’s an arcade game, but SEGA will release a console/PC port…eventually…maybe…

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