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Box wijjit update…and updated again…and again December 8, 2009

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I’ve uploaded new songs to the box.net widget, and also increased  the height a bit to accommodate viewing more files.

Songs I uploaded are, again, my favourite songs, like UVERworld’s Taion, and fripSide’s Late in Autumn, both instrumentals and with vocals, among a few.

Go check it out. It’s the hueg blue box under the recent comments section on my sidebar. It may take some time to load, since they’re quite big songs, about 14mb’s each, but hey, I listen to 320kbps quality, and I upload 320kbps quality.


I added Only My Railgun (both voc. and Inst.), also by fripSide, completing an entire album.

Only My Railgun single album by fripSide
1. Only My Railgun
2. Late in Autumn
3. Only My Railgun -instrumental-
4. Late in Autumn -instrumental-


This time, Kawada Mami’s single and OP and insert for Index: Masterpiece (yes, that’s the album’s name).

Masterpiece single album by Kawada Mami
1. Masterpiece
2. Jellyfish
3. Masterpiece -instrumental-
4. Jellyfish -instrumental-


1. Gunstray - December 9, 2009

Hahah, gotta thank you for Taion, I can barely find it in Mediafire^^

Shion - December 9, 2009

It’s from the singles, and not everyone listens to B-Side of singles. You want the other song, Halcyon?

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