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My lance is the lance that will… February 1, 2010

Posted by Shion in Busou Shinki, Gunplamo.

I got a phone! It’s both better and worst than mny last (lost) one. It’s acceptable, not too shabby. But camera still sucks. Kinda.

Test shot. Yes, these are all my hobby-related knives, and no I'm not a murderer. My meat cleaver knife is not shown in this pic. And yes, that is my awesomely hueg hand.

See how noisy it is? Not to mention how the colours are a tad off, and how the lack of a night mode impedes me in taking better daytime pictures.

Twitterfiends who follow me must have read my tweets regarding Espadia, me getting it, and my lack of a camera/phone. No longer. I present to you, my Espadia! (and some XiT Susanoo aka my custom Susanoo)

"What do you do if you have some Gunpla weapons lying around, and a shinki in need of ranged weapons?" I dunno...

a closer look...

Busou Shinki Espadia feat. HG1/144 weapons.

Sponsored by B*ndai and Sunr*se.

Some of the weapons I've equipped in Espadia's BladeSpace(TM)

Classic "Dual-saber" pose, feat. GNX-III ESF's bimu-saberu.

Next up is Exia's GN-Blade, GN-Sword (long), and GN-Shield.

Of course, one shot is never enough to justify anything.


Alde's in the background. He always is.

Next up is my favorite configuration: GNX-III ESF's GN Beam Rifle, and Susanoo's Souten sword-staff!

Damn thing's so long..

Rear-view. Not that I have to point that out.

Ah, the Shinki/BFG/DCP combo. Priceless.

Side view. Just in case.

There's some perspective issue with this one, since the GN-Megalauncher is supposed to be equal Espadia's height (horns/spike included).

Well, that concludes today’s ‘shoot. A lot more weapons that I haven’s posed it with, namely Cherudim’s sniparr/dual-axeguns, 0 Gundam’s beam pistol/shield combo, and Seravee’s Dual kyannons. Maybe next time, eh?

Now for some action shots. Some.


"Doryararararararararararararararararararararara" *insert GN-Lance shooting pewpewpew sounds*

*A short ass-kackin moment after*


Poor dude.

*insert FF-ish fanfare*

Even girl bots like to claim trophies.

P.S.: I was going to write something here, but forgot what it was lol
P.P.S.: Ah, now I remember. The first three and last four shots were under natural lighting, and the rest is with my ceiling-light on.
P.P.P.S.: I didn’t mean to be a sexist with the last caption. I am Zenterumen
P.P.P.P.S.: Just wanted to keep it at round numbers.


1. Gunstray - February 2, 2010

Your configuration, is freaking Beauty, the Blade skirt tasset, lovely. GN sword is a good fit too, now if you can paint the lance in her color shceme.But its still fits great^^

Shion - February 2, 2010

Haha, the lance was just something I slapped on when I was fiddling around with Espadia.

The blade-skirt and back armor rectifies the “Lighter than light” light-armor issue, and the robo-legs rectify the blade-feet issue. Can’t say that I’m not satisfied with it. Glad you liked it ^_^

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