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Katanagatatatatatari 01 (I stuttered) February 18, 2010

Posted by Shion in Anime.

And there existed swords for the users of The Ultimate Way of the Sword to use. Your point?

Katanagari, a novel by NiSiOiSiN, has been made anime. Yaay. It means that I don’t get to read it. Not that I can read it, even if I wanted to.

Anyways, I started watching this new monthly series. Monthly meaning I don’t have to worry about missing much when I’m in internet deadzone while I’m away at uni. It’s perfect.

Let’s start this with a picture, since I have lots of that. Why not make it a picspam, while I’m at it, eh?

Why yes, it is a burning castle. Indeed it is.







The burning castle’s not important, moving on.

I see it now. Your afterlife waits a'yonder.

First of all, let’s put a litle outside perspective int this. Wouldn’t wanna be the only voice in the choir, eh?.

Chartfag says that it

“exhibits an interesting art style, and is from the author of Bakemonogatari, which should garner interest”

Here‘s the chart for WINter ’10, by none other than Chartfag.

There. That’s what it says. Now I don’t know who this Bakemonogatari is, but I do like Katanagatari for it’s visuals. It’s stunningly awesome. And quite stylised. Nunothat “realism” crap.

The chapter title: Zettou Kanna. In large, friendly...kanji?

So there. Now the story.

Katanagatari revolves mainly around-

-this guy-


-this girl-

-as they go around trying to collect-

-these things, which are the Twelve Deviant Blades of Shikiza Kikiki. The guy is a master of a certain Way of the Sword that the girl deems useful for her mission to recover the Twelve Lost Artifacts Deviant Blades.

Yes, the last one’s a gun, I know.

The names for the swords (if, like me, you can’t read kanji) are:

The 12 Deviant Blades
絶刀「鉋」 Zettou Kanna Plane, the absolute
斬刀「鈍」 Zantou Namakura Blunt, the decapitator
千刀「鎩」 Sentou Tsurugi Blade, the thousand
薄刀「針」 Hakutou Hari Needle, the light
賊刀「鎧」 Zokutou Yoroi Armor, the grudge
双刀「鎚」 Soutou Kanazuchi Hammer, the pair
悪刀「鐚」 Akutou Bita Poor, the evil
微刀「釵」 Bitou Kanzashi Sai, the tiny
王刀「鋸」 Outou Nokogiri Saw, the king
誠刀「銓」 Seitou Hakari Scales, the true
毒刀「鍍」 Dokutou Mekki Gild, the poison
炎刀「銃」 Entou Jyuu Gun, the flame

::Courtesy of Mazui Subs, a WINderful subgroup dedicated to bring happiness to all animekind::

Watch it.

All in all, I find it enjoyable. The art is nice, the music is good, the characters are lovable as I haven’t found a character I could despise yet, especially Koumori (pictured above) and his awesome laughter, and the lines. The lines are awesome. Whoever says “Thank you, and Good Morning” to their opponent in the middle of a fight?

Funny how most of the people who watch anime don’t watch this one.  I personally don’t see what’s lacking with it. Maybe it’s the fact that the anime airs one episode per month, with a whole of 12 episodes. So one year.  For one anime. Not bad, eh? Couldn’t say that it should’ve lasted longer.

Also funny, is how this-

-turns into this.

All the screencaps I took.

And only used a fraction of them here.



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