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What I’ve been doing while not updating this site: March 15, 2010

Posted by Shion in Anime, Busou Shinki, Gee-mu, Gunplamo, Life(Real), My View On Stuff Today, Persocrap, Site Stuff.

This is me backed up....against a wall....probably with a Carnifex pointed at me.

I know I’ve been neglecting TnA for quite some time now, but then again, I’ve been neglecting a whole lotta other things. My studies, my life, my life, my pet cats, my hygiene, my appearance, and a whole lot other things.

I’m just neglecting all the shit that comes with living.

So I’ve compiled a list (which, following my tradition must have 4 points) on why I’ve not been updating. Cheerio!

1. Life. Not “Doing Life” as in prison sentence for life, no. But life. That thing living people do. Also includes classes, lectures, co-curricular activities (I’m in choir), and not doing assignments. (I’m neglecting these, so it’s actually a paradox that I say I’m doing them)

2. On-Life. Or OL, as opposed to IRL. You get this one. Still doesn’t justify why I don’t update though. Guess I’m just busy with Twitter, Facebook, Onemanga(beta), Ngee Khiong, Cowbirds in Love, Gunnerkrigg, We Love maids, Tsun13, Gunstray, XKCD, Buttersafe, and a whole lotta other things.

3. Gaming. No, it’s not apart of my life, it is another life by itself. Here are some things that distracted me lately under this category:

Mass Effect 2: I can’t exactly play it on my podunk, defunct of a laptop(it’s more of a netbook in spec terms), so I borrow a friend’s gaming rig to play it. If he lets me. Poor Sean Shepard.

Halo: Out With a Whimper: It’s a 2d side-scroller/platformer fan-made Halo game, by Triblox. It’s currently still in beta stage, and I’ve been following it’s progress since the second(I think) demo. It’s fun.

Halo: Combat Evolved PC: Yes, I still play this game. Because my laptop is old. Shutup.

4. Gunpla, modelling, and generic fooling around with stuff. What it says right there.

So, that brings me one conclusion: I’m bored, and I need something else to do, especially if it involves getting a new laptop, phone, more moneys, or those gunplas that I want.


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