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What I’ve been doing while not updating this site: March 15, 2010

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This is me backed up....against a wall....probably with a Carnifex pointed at me.

I know I’ve been neglecting TnA for quite some time now, but then again, I’ve been neglecting a whole lotta other things. My studies, my life, my life, my pet cats, my hygiene, my appearance, and a whole lot other things.

I’m just neglecting all the shit that comes with living.

It’s probably not nothing to fuss your all-important lives over. Just a lame excuse to my lazyness..


My lance is the lance that will… February 1, 2010

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I got a phone! It’s both better and worst than mny last (lost) one. It’s acceptable, not too shabby. But camera still sucks. Kinda.

Test shot. Yes, these are all my hobby-related knives, and no I'm not a murderer. My meat cleaver knife is not shown in this pic. And yes, that is my awesomely hueg hand.

See how noisy it is? Not to mention how the colours are a tad off, and how the lack of a night mode impedes me in taking better daytime pictures.

Anyways, I’ve still got lots of pictures to show you dudes/dudettes

ZETSUBOT January 16, 2010

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I’m sad. I’ve been tweeting all the things I’ve done (hobby wise), and now I’ve nothing to post. And above all, with the loss of my handphone, I also lose my one and only 2.0mp sucky camera.


So….this is the reason I haven’t been posting lately. A camera. Oh how I would love to post some pictures..

A new post…I should write one [XIII] January 4, 2010

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It’s dull. This place. Not that I left it to rot, no. I still love it. It’s like a second internet to me. But between having the worst (two) weeks of my life (so far), losing my cellphone, paying my University fees (which depleted muneys), losing faith in Qan[T]’s design, Tweeting about most of the above, falling into the pit that is Busou Shinki, Tweeting about random things, Tweeting, lurking around in forums,  and playing the role of chief Pedant over at Anime2, I came to the conclusion that I’m bored. Really bored. Scratch that, I’m awesome. Really, really, really awesome.

And I got the Espadia I wanted yaay.


Oh, and mentioning Gargron and writing reminded me, he’s looking for another writer, who can write Anime Episodics (not mere summaries, and with big shiny eye-catching pictures) and is consistent in thy pursuit for Episodic-ness. You can do rant’s and whatnot like normal writer people though. But you must know what pedantry means, and how to counter them(that’s my job thar). Know that most of the terms mentioned above are mostly mine, and Gargron’s terms for a lead Tanker DPS Healer Rogue Warrior writer are there in his post.  Apply for the position o’er at his post there at Anime2, or Tweet him ’bout it.


This one took longer. It IS the larger of the two.

My favorite. Enough to make it my Avatar

Colored these during New Year spare time though, and I can’t say I hate them.