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Hmmm… January 3, 2009

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[Mr.A is walking on a beach, talking silly to himself]

[#2 runs up to Mr.A shouting]

#2:Mr.A, Mr.A!!! #1 is missing!! [stops to catch breath. Breath runs away]

Mr.A:Nonsense! I saw a lot of number 1s in todays paper. There were even some in the news.

#2:Wha.. not that #1, the #1 that slapped my head yesterday!

Mr.A:Oh.. that fellow. Well, what do you expect me to do…

#2:Mr.A, without him, I can’t make stupid jokes for my readers to.. well.. read.[appears confused]

Mr.A:Well, there nobody reading this thing. [looks out of monitor, shakes head] we might as well end this.

#2:But you’re Mr. A D. Thor, THE best editor in the world…

Mr.A:What does that have to do with anything.. Fine.. I’ll hire somebody else..