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“Others” January 26, 2009

Posted by Shion in My View On Stuff Today.
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Here I am delving about people’s urge to write long articles in their blogs, that detail everything from what they dreamed about last night during their sleep, to what they ate for breakfast, aaaaal the way to when they’re going back to sleep and then to repeat this looong and tedious pattern daily.

Firstly, before I begin, I would like to apologize to people (if any) that are reading this… I DON’T CARE HECK WHAT YOU THINK COZ I’M JUST SAYIN WHATEVER I WANT ABOUT PEOPLE… If you are offended by my act of autopsying the weird mannerisms of Man…then please, continue reading.

In a normal human teenager, the urge to make oneself seen has always been present since time immemorial. These “attention-seekers”,continue doing exceptionally stupid, foolish, bottom-line-stupid-and-unequivocally-moronic stuff, (i.e.: riding bikes callously while ignoring the speed limit and not wearing helmets in dark, non-reflective clothing)to subtle stuff like writing long articles that condemn others to show how smart and attention-deserving the writer is.

Besides those said above, some feel that it is their responsibility to report every single occurance in their life for the grater good of Mankind (although it may only help a small fraction of said Mankind)