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….it’s a big cat. July 27, 2010

Posted by Shion in Border Break, Gee-mu, Gunplamo, Kotobukiya, Review.

Red vs. Blue fans would know this.

This was the beginning....of something (?)


Guess what I got

Empty sprues!

....and a Border Break: Cougar Type-I Assault Equipment!


Oh yeah, and that guy, too. Frame Arms: Frame Architect type-01

For size/scale purposes. The COugar is at 16cms, and FA at 15.

A side-by-side, with all the works

Next, just those two together.

A close-up on Cougar, and me regretting not having a proper macro-able camera.

All the equipments that comes with the Assault type. Top right to bottom: M90 SMGs (grasping hands are removable), Assault Charger equipment part (middle), closed hands, Type 38 hand Grenade Dispenser unit, and Duel Sword.

Nice (weapon) racks. It has two rack parts on the torso, one special clamp for the 4th equipment (the sword, on this one), and two on the forearms. Left forearm has the dispenser, and the lower-back has the power-up equipment part.

This shows the 'default' weapons position on the holding racks.

Or you could swap the dispenser with the forearm rack, and put the weapons there.

The two holding racks on the torso. The one on the back has two positions, the lower and the upper.

...and then there's Squidward.

The articulation limits of the Cougar...

And the limitless articulation of the Frame Architect.

Enough of the Cougar, it's FA's time.

Hands. And just that. (Like the Cougar, spread hands are already on)

The only equipment I have that is specifically for FA: a scarf. And it's some gobbledygook.

Still the scarf. Also, Cougar's feet, gundam marker, and GN Katar.

First ever time I got a booklet not from a convention, class, or programme.

First two pages-

-last two pages.

And the toilet cover.

Single wield SMG pose

same, still.


SMG dual wielding, stylish (to me) since Halo 2.

Showdown! Arena: Laptop table

POV ala Gears of War, and Deadspace. Minus Locusts and/or Necromorph.

POV ala....(I don't know any melee-fighting 3rd person games, so I'll just leave it hanging)

Also, Cosmic Break! It's an awesome 3rd person shooter MMO. Too bad the Beta test ended.


1. Gunstray - July 29, 2010

I havent even played cosmic brake :sadface: guess I really have to get a new PC, and I wanted the mecha musume ones too.

Yah im lovin the cougar Real bad now especially the heavy class^^
unfortunately no sight of this kit has even hit canada, or might never^^;; so chances I have to resort to preordering

Shion - July 29, 2010

CosBreak’s next beta starts around September, I think. I’m Shion-963 there.

I’m lucky enough to get the cougar, getting the Zebra 41 will be a miracle. But the Zebra is the one I want most.

Also, Shrike Assault, but we both know that it’s very much impossible for that.

2. Gunstray - July 30, 2010

I just registered like a while ago in CB, man Im lazy, anyway hope to see you in september

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