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Of Wireless and Internets, and books and models July 4, 2009

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I am in a University. It’s called the Malaysian University of Technology. I repeat; TECHNOLOGY. And the people there aren’t very much techy savvy(sorry UTM, no offence), at least the people at my dorm are. Come on…its UTM. An integral part of the name is Technology, and you people can’t even use a laptop right? I EXPECTED MORE GEEKS, NOT MUSCLE HEADS!!(again, no offence

Seriously people, THIS, IS, SPARTAAAAAA!!!

Seriously though, no more rants down here.


Leaving June 27, 2009

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I’ll be leaving this blog, anybody interested in this, leave a comment. LIKE HELL I AM

I’m actually leaving fer University tomorrow(first time in a dorm yaay), and might not have the chance of an Access Point nearby, I’ll see when I get there, ‘cos the dorm is liek, no toasters allowed. Whut kinda dorm dis-allows toasters? Do they not see the inportance of a toaster? That without it, the world would fall into dissent, chaos, an destruction?

Well, I shouldn’t be one to gripe, since from what I see, UTM’s dorm looks like an apartment. Not that I actually been there. I don’t even know what the room looks like, how many will be staying in it, where the power sockets are for my beloved laptop, speaker set, and handphone charger, and whether if(God ferbids) the dorm allows laptop/PC usage, much less (wireless) network coverage. I BE DYIN WITHOUT INNYNET!!

I am Accepted… May 2, 2009

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… in UTM’s Diploma Ukur Tanah a.k.a Diploma of Land Survey. Don’t know what teh heck it is, what to do, so on, so forth.

Heck, I cant even remember what I applied for, aside from the Degree as my first choice, the other three are vague blobs of jelly.