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GN-RX-78-2-00-0, 0 Gundam HGsai-yo REmix September 14, 2009

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Title don’t mean carp, seriously, it doesn’t.

Note: I resized some of the pics, as people without widescreens see them a bit, say, weird.

Pictures though, mean lots.
First up, there’s this, what I aptly titled as “LOOOOOOOOOOT”

0 Gundam for me, and 0 Gundam for ma bro.

Okay, that’s that for the loot part. Now for the piece du resistance, GN-000 0 GUNDAM

"I was in ma Gundam,and was like, pewpewpew these ANFs, and there was this kid goin all 'Woah, like, woah' y'know? And then I was like, 'Yeah man, like, worship me' an' stuff"



A simple HG 00 mod ++REmix – dorm room live++ August 14, 2009

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…if it can even be called as such.

Oh look, it's an assembled 00 without it's GN Drives, but what is that on it's shoulder? An antenna?

Answers and less

Sue-San-Oh! EDITTO May 7, 2009

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Not Yu-Gi-Oh! remake. lol


Is out! Grey model is finally outz! I has a happee for Grey Model =) June model outs. Yaay. I haz more happee when I has Susanoo.



Susanoo too

Oh, and all images are taken from NK, which was in turn, taken from where he took it. Story short, these ain’t mine. Yet.

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HG Exia 1/144 review January 4, 2009

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I bought a HG 1/144 Exia for myself as a birthday gift to myself (I’m not as lucky as some people are). I cost me RM53.90.

The Box..Taa daa

The Box..Taa daa

Its not my box.. I took this pic from 1999.co.jp
If you want to look at the build guide

This took me more than 2 hours to build, partly because I was tired, mostly because of the small clear plastic bits and large amount of stickers. I was, however, satisfied with the end products (sorta).

The weapon loadout is similar to the anime, differing only in that only 1 actual beam saber was included, molded in white plastic (big budget cut i guess). The whole Seven Swords were included:
1 GN solid blade
1 GN long blade
1 GN short blade
4 beam sabers (hilts only)
(1 white plastic beam saber, needs painting)

Pictures Later….