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BREAK BLADE FINALLY December 2, 2009

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Those following me on twitter, or ardent readers of NK probably knows about this, but I’ll just say it anyways. BREAK BLADE IS GOING ANIME WOOOOOOOOOO

I dunno what to call this, a...poster?

Basic info and screencaps below


Amatsuki. Good. August 30, 2009

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I like reading manga. I like reading lots of kinds of manga. Mostly funny ones. No matter what it is I could like it(most of it). I’ve read bloody ones, psych ones, cliche ones, ones people dislike, ones with hype. And Amatsuki is rather cliched. But as I said with my Endless 8 review, who cares, I certainly don’t!

Pastel colored artwork below, don’t look if you value your eyesight!

“G-G-G-Giri da!!” July 25, 2009

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\(OAO)/        <3<(///_///<)


(Another) Pastel Related… Edited. June 26, 2009

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People who follow my twitter will roll their eyes into the nearest ledge, drain, and/or body of (preferably) dirty water and scream out “NOT ANOTHER PASTEL POST”. And warning, and stuff, spoilarz ahead. A spoiler is indicated liek (this), as in white words, in brackets.

One of the reasons I read this awsm Manga..

Tsukisaki Yuu and Tadano Mugi

‘Aat’s rite folks, moar ’bout Pastel, step riiite up