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I be in Lo(^v^)e. June 19, 2009

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This is a Kotobukiyan product. All them other prod-ducts in mah blog are all Bandaians. So, this, is SPARTA. No, technically, this is crazy of me. But still…


This is the object of my infatuation.

Problem being it’s a Kotobukya plamo, and me being an ardent follower of Bandai’s stuff, don’t know where to even look for it. Any help?
Moar piqs down ‘ere


I edited and still… April 19, 2009

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…want it so, but sadly, haven’t gotten it yet. So I only have these to drool over. NEARLY bought it, but then looked at the price tag and my brain died.It was nearly 20% more. RM70 to RM99.90 in one shop?


All images courtesy of 1999.co.jp/eng. Better put that in before I get sued.

More to see, you have?

Saa… March 31, 2009

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Now that I have my GN-X’s, my nearly insatiable hunger is pointed at a very good, articulate kit. None other that the 00 gundam.

GNX-III ESF hg released and I’m gonna get it March 2, 2009

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As said in the title, I want it, so if theres anyone around KL, Malaysia seen this gunpla, please put the address or location you seen it along with a price. If you haven’t had the chance to, please direct this message to someone who has. That would be of great help.

WOOYEH!! No need to search any longer, ’cause I already bought not one, not three, not ten, but TWO!! that’s right, TWO. . .anybody there? hellooo….(0_~)\

A review of the kit, in japanese
The same review, in english(badly translated)


Here's a pic of the box

Arigato gozaimas
Terima kasih banyak-banyak-banyak
Thank you very muchen

your help would be very…helpful