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….it’s a big cat. July 27, 2010

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Red vs. Blue fans would know this.

This was the beginning....of something (?)


More low quality, high-res pics, courtesy of my phonecam


Semester End is Vacation Start April 30, 2010

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First there was Vacation, and then came Second Semester. It was both awesome, and bullshit. How it was so, I cannot even beginĀ  to elaborate, because I forgot most of the details anyway it’s awesomeness and Bullshit-ness cancels each other out.

What DOES matter is:

  1. Semester end, apparently, is FUN! (really!)
  2. Semester Break, too, is FUN! (funny how the semester part itself isn’t so much so)
  3. I got a new laptop! It’s awesome, and it does things.
  4. No actual reason, just wanted to put up a 4th one.

P.S. Mass Effect 2 is fun. YES!

What I’ve been doing while not updating this site: March 15, 2010

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This is me backed up....against a wall....probably with a Carnifex pointed at me.

I know I’ve been neglecting TnA for quite some time now, but then again, I’ve been neglecting a whole lotta other things. My studies, my life, my life, my pet cats, my hygiene, my appearance, and a whole lot other things.

I’m just neglecting all the shit that comes with living.

It’s probably not nothing to fuss your all-important lives over. Just a lame excuse to my lazyness..

Sparta? Madness? No. This. Is. REAAACH February 13, 2010

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Halo Reach World Premiere

Halo Reach 1st ViDoc: Once More Unto the Breach