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Prologue March 1, 2009

Posted by Shion in Unknown..s.
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TIME: 3:45AM
Male voice: they’re coming, the monsters. they..they just came and…and…they’re all dead…whatever it was that hit them, they just…just…vanished…(female screams)
TIME: 4:09AM
Male voice: I found the location of the planetary distress beacon, located at coor(static) I could get there in about half an h(static) +ATTENTION LOW BATTERY+ Male voice: shi-
Male voice: OH MY(static) THEY’RE…(male screams) (static) (static)
Unidentified voice sample: Leave none alive(static) (static) (static)
TIME: 4:44

NOTE: The recording was found intact and undamaged. Large amount of static in recording is not linked with the maintenance of the device, but rather from outside audio sources. Investigation of static’s source imminent.NOTE ENDS